1. Introduction

Spdrs60 for Linux is a program to comfortably control a digital model railway under a UNIX-like operating system. It has been designed to be used in combination with a SRCP server as provided by the DDL project. It is the first graphical model railway control program available for any UNIX-like system. This program is still under development, but has already reached a very usable state. A lot of changes for an even better use will be implemented in the future, though. Spdrs60 for Linux offers the user the opportunity to control his model railway like the original German Federal Railway Company does in their switchboxes. This program differs in many ways from all other controlling software because it has been designed close to the original German Railway's control center.

Here's a review of the features which are available right now:

This program can not be used as a standalone controller. It needs communication to a SRCP server (such as »srcpd«), to get a link between computer and the physical model railway layout. The goal is a senseful combination of easy-to-use and well-ordered arrangement of dialogs, data entries etc. Please read these handbook carefuly to learn more about all features.